Sentence Examples with the word Tossed

Sofia stuffed Dr. Bylun's paper into her empty cup, tossed it, and joined the onlookers lining the street.

He walked out again, and she tossed the fish and hid the rope, straightening just as he reappeared.

But high above the flying scud and dark-rolling clouds, there floated a little isle of sunlight, from which beamed forth an angel's face; and this bright face shed a distinct spot of radiance upon the ship's tossed deck, something like that silver plate now inserted into the Victory's plank where Nelson fell.

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Together they tossed the bale to the top of the pile and he climbed up to position it.

She stripped down in the locker room and tossed her shirt over the animal head in the bottom of her locker.

For several days after that I was very timid, and could hardly be persuaded to go in the water at all; but by degrees my courage returned, and almost before the summer was over, I thought it the greatest fun to be tossed about by the sea-waves....

He rose and tossed the book away, wanting to distance his thoughts from the monsters that had condemned generation after generation of warlords with the beast.

She tossed a shirt in the suitcase and gave him a disgusted look.

Katie examined a spoon absently and tossed it in the sink.

I thrust out my hands to grasp some support, I clutched at the water and at the seaweed which the waves tossed in my face.