Sentence Examples with the word Torture

Instituted much wider reforms. Feudal privileges were done away with, clerical influence diminished and many monasteries and convents suppressed, the criminal law rendered more humane and torture abolished largely as a result of G.

He was charged with aiming at a dictatorship, with permitting or even encouraging the imprisonment, torture and execution without trial of political opponents, with maladministration of the finances and with aggression against the neighbouring states.

The very fact that we have debated in recent years whether we can use torture to get information that will save lives is a sign of the effects of civilization.

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Intimidated by the paternal anger and threats he took refuge in Austria, and when he had been induced by illusory promises to return to Russia he was tried for high treason by a special tribunal, and after being subjected to torture died in prison (1718).

It is said that Nicocreon, tyrant of Cyprus, commanded him to be pounded to death in a mortar, and that he endured this torture with fortitude; but the story is doubtful, having no earlier authority than Cicero.

In his last moments he refused under torture to disclose his father's hiding-place.

The Dutch were already too strongly entrenched in the Indian archipelago for English competition to avail there, and the intense rivalry between the two nations led to the tragedy of Amboyna in 1623, when Governor Van Speult put to torture and death nine Englishmen on a charge of conspiring to take the Dutch forts.

While torture as punishment does occur, it is stigmatized.

The last man in line was the final traitor, a man who'd helped Jilian torture his wife then claimed Czerno's men had done it.

The punishment was death in various forms, burning alive, mutilation, torture or corporal punishment.