Sentence Examples with the word Tories

Still, even all the bias can't hide the fact that the Tories are heading for another very heavy defeat.

In 1723, through the medium of the king's mistress, the duchess of Kendal, he at last received his pardon, returned to London in June or July, and placed his services at the disposal of Walpole, by whom, however, his offers to procure the accession of several Tories to the administration were received very coldly.

The reign of the Tories was unquestioned, Yet it was not quite what the reign of the Cavaliers had been in 1660.

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And Marlborough, who cared above all things for the furtherance of the war, gradually replaced Tories by Whigs in the ministry.

During the Corn Law agitation offence was taken at his having attended a debate in the House of Commons, the Tories declaring that he had gone down to overawe the house in favour of Peel's measures.

The book was primarily written as a political satire on the state of England in 1705, when the Tories were accusing Marlborough and the ministry of advocating the French War for personal reasons.

The other two parties have leadership dilemmas: the Tories immediately, Labor more uncertainly.

The Tories had for this reason her personal preference, while the Whigs, who included her powerful favourites the Marlboroughs, identified their interests with ' Macpherson i.

Amid all this the Tory fortunes sank rapidly, becoming nearly hopeless when Lord Palmerston, without appreciable loss of confidence on his own side, persuaded many Tories in and out of parliament that Conservatism would suffer little while he was in power.

He seems, in fact, to have agreed with the foreign policy of the Tories and with the home policy of the Whigs, and naturally incurred the reproach of time-serving and the hearty abuse of both parties.