Sentence Examples with the word Tore

She tore out of his room, the scent of his blood ensnared in her senses.

She was hauled into a sitting position by two beefy hands that then tore off her blindfold.

In his violence, bound as he was, he tore his clothes into shreds, and his bare shoulders and breast were exposed to the gaze of the surging crowd.

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Prince Andrew without replying took out a notebook and raising his knee began writing in pencil on a page he tore out.

Lightning tore across the otherwise silent room, where vamps stood enraptured by the battle before them.

Bianca dropped to her knees beside her, and her cold healing fire tore through Jenn.

This inevitability alone can explain how the cruel Arakcheev, who tore out a grenadier's mustache with his own hands, whose weak nerves rendered him unable to face danger, and who was neither an educated man nor a courtier, was able to maintain his powerful position with Alexander, whose own character was chivalrous, noble, and gentle.

Then, in darting at the monster, knife in hand, he had but given loose to a sudden, passionate, corporal animosity; and when he received the stroke that tore him, he probably but felt the agonizing bodily laceration, but nothing more.

The chief tore out the lining and found the gold hidden beneath it.

I tore myself out of it in such a hurry that I gave myself a kink in the neck.