Sentence Examples with the word Topographie

Gilbert, Geschichte and Topographie der Stadt Rom im Altertum (1883-1885), and J.

Modern research and criticism have been applied in Die mittelrilterliche Kunst in Palermo, by Anton Springer (Bonn, 1869); Historische Topographie von Panormus, by Julius Schubring (Lubeck, 1870); Studii di stories palermitana, by Adolf Holm (Palermo, 1880).

V.); Tobler, Topographie von Jerusalem (Berlin, 1854); Dritte Wanderung (1859); Sepp, Jerusalem and das heilige Land (1873); Rohricht, Regesta Regni Hierosolymitani; Bibliotheca Geographica Palaestinae (1890); De Vogue, Le Temple de Jerusalem (1864); Sir C. W.

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See Roth, Geschichte and historische Topographie der Stadt Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden, 1883); Pagenstecher, Wiesbaden in medizinischtopographischer Beziehung (Wiesbaden, 1870); Kranz, Wiesbaden and seine Thermen (Leipzig, 1884); Pfeiffer, Wiesbaden als Kurort (5th ed., Wiesbaden, 1899); and Heyl, Wiesbaden and seine Umgebungen (27th ed., Wiesbaden, 1908).

Amongst his topographical works mention may be made of: Topographie von Aiken (1841); Beschreibung der Ebene von Troja (1850), a commentary on a map of the locality executed by T.

Lupus, Topographie von Syrahus, 91) make the construction of the mole and of the wall across it contemporary with the fortification of Achradina in the middle of the 7th century B.C. They also consider that the original west boundary of Achradina ran down to the Little Harbour, so that the southern boundary of Achradina was the sea itself.