Sentence Examples with the word Tools

Boeotian contingents fought in all the campaigns of Epaminondas, and in the later wars against Phocis (356-346); while in the dealings with Philip of Macedon the federal cities appear merely as the tools of Thebes.

The drilling tools are suspended by an untarred manila rope, 2 in.

Several creeks and the upper Cape Fear river furnish considerable waterpower, and in or near Fayetteville are manufactories of cotton goods, silk, lumber, wooden-ware, turpentine, carriages, wagons, ploughs, edge tools and flour.

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The hoe and harrow are therefore excellent tools for use in dry weather.

At the London International Exhibition of 1851 he had charge of the department of machinery, and wrote a report on the machinery and tools on view at that exhibition.

I considered using the tools available as weapons but dismissed the action as folly.

Property, working plant, tools and fixtures, cannot he seized for payment of debts.

In this category are the manufacture of agricultural machines, of tools and implements for agriculture, forestry and mining; such industries as depend for their raw material on the exploitation of the natural resources of the country, viz.

Wide for flaking tools (36), which were not kept sharp, and I in.

The principal item in mining cost is that of labour, which is expended chiefly in breaking down the mineral, either by the use of hand tools or with the aid of powder.