Sentence Examples with the word Toni

She didn't dare turn around, not certain she'd be able to witness Toni throwing herself at Xander without laughing at him.

Gerry appeared interested in her words, until Toni whinnied at him again.

Laurencio stepped back and was alternately gazing at Toni and Jessi through a box he made out of his hands.

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Talon's renting out a country club between here and Pembroke Pines, Toni responded.

He was manipulating Laurencio and Toni like puppets, but Jessi was beyond him.

Dusty smiled faintly as Toni walked towards the back of the church, whistling.

The principal attempts at morphological classifications recently brought forward are those of de Toni and Trevisan (1889), Fischer (1897) and Migula (1897).

She might just melt at his feet like Toni did.

The fire destroyed everything else, Toni said.

The thought of Toni lying in the driveway made her chest tighten.