Sentence Examples with the word Tod

Kanter, Die Ermordung Konig Ladislaus (1906); Novotry, Uber den Tod Konig Ladislaws Postumus (1906).

Bernhardt, Geschichte Roms von Valerian bis zu Diocletians Tod (1867); A.

In connexion with this controversy Lessing wrote his brilliant little treatise, Wie die Alten den Tod gebildet (1769), contrasting the medieval representation of death as a skeleton with the Greek conception of death as the twin-brother of sleep.

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JAMES TOD (1782-1835), British officer and Oriental scholar, was born on the 20th of March 1782, and went to India as a cadet in the Bengal army in 1799.

Hoeniger, Der schwarze Tod in Deutschland (Berlin, 1882).

Gotterdammerung: der Ring des Nibelungen, dritter Tag; introduction and 3 acts (Siegfried's Tod already sketched dramatically in 1848; music, 1870-1874).

In 1839 he married the daughter of Captain Daniel Tod Patterson (1786-1839), then commandant of the Washington navy-yard.

Butler (London, 1881); Toldi, poeme en 12 chants (Paris, 1895); Dichtungen (Leipzig, 1880); Konig Buda's Tod (Leipzig, 1879); Balladen (Vienna, 1886).