Sentence Examples with the word Toby

When we placed Toby with you, we altered the minds of those in your immediate family circle.

Despite Hannah's criticisms, she would still rather be here than at her apartment, even knowing Hannah would never believe her story about Toby and the death dealer.

Besides, the bond between angel and human cannot be broken, so you.ll have to take care of Toby until you die.

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From there, things had gone downhill, and Toby no longer knew what to say.

Despite his irritation, he.d been as patient with Toby as a half-demon could be.

In Toby Shandy he has drawn a character universally lovable and admirable; but Walter Shandy is almost greater as an artistic triumph, considering the difficulty of the achievement.

Katie, take Toby and the healer to the basement with the warriors.

When she got home, she was kicking Toby out, buying a gun, and taking back her life.

Katie instinctively believed her and twisted, staring with Toby at the man in black who watched them drive away.

Ully looked at her, even more pale than usual, and she retreated to the castle, worried sick about Toby and Rhyn, even knowing the half-demon could take out half the demons in Hell if he felt like it.