Sentence Examples with the word To-day

The most remunerative and most characteristic farming to-day is diversified and intensive and on small holdings.

Nevertheless veils were not usually worn out of doors, the countrywoman of to-day is not veiled, and it is uncertain whether there is any early parallel for the yashmak, the narrow strip which covers the face below the eyes and hangs down to the feet.

The rising of 1836 against Gutierrez seems to-day most interesting, for it was in part a protest against the growth of federalism in Mexico.

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In the economic life and social character of California to-day the legacies of 1848 are plain.

Having made these general observations, we must now consider the history of those texts and collections of canons which to-day form the ecclesiastical law of the Western Church: (1) up to the Decretum of Gratian, (2) up to the council of Trent, (3 and 4) up to the present day, including the codification ordered by Pius X.

The only man that has been here for lodging to-day was an old clodhopper who was so spattered with mud that you couldn't see the color of his coat.

Macpherson, Astronomers of To-Day (1905).

On the 15th of July, when Havelock's avenging army was within a march of Cawnpore, they were all hacked to death and their bodies - some still faintly breathing - were thrown down the adjacent well which is to-day one of the most famous monuments of British rule in India.

The lesson you have learned to-day is never to pay too dear for a whistle.

This may be taken to indicate that when first the Malays became acquainted with the fruits which are indigenous in Malayan lands they already possessed a language in which most primary words were represented, and also that their tongue had attained to a stage of development which provided for the formation of compound words by a system sanctioned by custom and the same linguistic instinct which causes a Malay to-day to form similar compounds from European and other foreign roots.