Sentence Examples with the word To do

Gabriel was no closer to figuring what to do about the woman meant for him than when he was when he saw her mating tattoo at the bungalow.

But the pretext for censure was trivial and baseless, and during the armistice Jomini did as he had intended to do in 1809 - To, and went into the Russian service.

He doesn't force me to do what he wants.

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While I knew we were helpless to do anything positive in Howie's absence, I never-the-less opened the site where Betsy located cases for our attention.

It would be disrespectful of Cade for her to do anything but defend his honor.

In 1814 a sequel, The Zoological Miscellany, was begun by Leach, Nodder continuing to do the plates.

The hyphae will also dissolve their way through a lamella of collodion, paraffin, parchment paper, elder-pith, or even cork or the wing of a fly, to do which it must excrete very different enzymes.

Meanwhile rumours from the battle-field at Jena, magnified as usual, began to reach the staff, and these may possibly have influenced Kalckreuth, for when appealed to to attack with his eighteen battalions and win the day, he declined to move without the direct order of the commander-in-chief to do so, alleging that it was the duty of a reserve to cover the retreat and he considered himself personally responsible to the king for the guards entrusted to his care.

The implication is always that some people are simply unable to do any job that a machine cannot do.

It is evidently this Marcomeres, the chief of these tribes, who is regarded by later historians as the father of the legendary Faramund (Pharamund) although in fact Marcomeres has nothing to do with the Salian Franks.