Sentence Examples with the word To beat

His only hope was that Deidre didn't share what he revealed to her with the Dark One, who would do whatever it took to beat Gabe to his soul.

My read is he just wanted to cause you some grief after you tried to beat his brains out.

If you throw one more dead animal at my feet, I'm going to beat you over the head with it.

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The best way to beat the cold was to work up some heat.

Dusty didn't know why Talon would choose Miami to make a stand, unless he wanted to take out as much of the Guardians' infrastructure as possible should he find some way to beat Czerno.

At any rate England was as helpless as the Empire when first the Danish and Norwegian galleys began to cross the North Sea, and to beat down both sides of Britain seeking for prey.

Persia indeed for many years showed a strong disposition to reassert the supremacy over Herat which was exercised by the Safawid kings, but great Britain, disapproving of the advance of Persia towards the Indian frontier, steadily resisted the encroachment; and, indeed, after helping the Heratis to beat off the attack of the Persian army in 1838, the British at length compelled the shah in 1857 at the close of his war with them to sign a treaty recognizing the further independence of the place, and pledging Persia against any further interference with the Afghans.

I can remember the time before I learned to speak, and how I used to struggle to express my thoughts by means of the manual alphabet--how my thoughts used to beat against my finger tips like little birds striving to gain their freedom, until one day Miss Fuller opened wide the prison-door and let them escape.

Gabriel began to beat up the dummy again.

In 1667 was compelled to beat an ignominious retreat through its defenders opening the dikes and flooding the country.