Sentence Examples with the word To Roll

At last Burnside moved forward, and, after a brilliant defence by the handful of men left to oppose him, forced the Antietam and began to roll up Lee's right, only to be attacked in rear himself by A.

She used what strength she had to roll onto her back, desperate for a Healer.

It shot off the counter, hitting the block wall and bouncing off to roll across the floor and stop at Carmen's feet.

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The night was overcast, with a light wind from the N.E., and a thick column of smoke soon began to roll down the coast, hiding everything.

Long and weighed 36 lb to the yard, manufactured in England, since there were then no mills in America able to roll them.

Wingless females of many tropical species present a close superficial resemblance to woodlice; and one interesting apterous form known as Pseudoglomeris, from the East Indies, is able to roll up like a millipede.

One of the demons launched itself down the hall after her, only for the other to tackle it and the two of them to roll down the hall in a furry mass of wings, legs, and snapping teeth.

In this enviable retreat, it is no wonder that a year should have been suffered to roll round before he vigorously resumed his great work - and with many men it would never have been resumed in such a paradise.

In English practice the leader is entitled to a second throw if he fail to roll a On Scottish greens the game of points is frequently played, but it is rarely seen on English greens.

The motion of the body relative to 0 is therefore completely represented if we imagine the momental ellipsoid at 0 to roll without sliding on a plane fixed in space, with an angular velocity proportional at each instant to the radius-vector of the point of contact.