Sentence Examples with the word Tiptoes

She narrowed the distance again, this time rising up on her tiptoes to kiss him lightly on the lips, the final push over the cliff on which he teetered.

She rose to her tiptoes and kissed him, her own memories of Damian forefront in her mind.

We see a real man, but a man helpless anywhere save in the study or in the convent - a little fresh-coloured man, with soft brown eyes, who had a habit of stealing away to his cubiculum whenever the conversation became too lively; somewhat bent, for it is on record that he stood upright when the psalms were chanted, and even rose on his tiptoes with his face turned upwards; genial, if shy, and occasionally given to punning, as when he said that he preferred Psalmi to Salmones; a man who perhaps led the most placid uneventful life of all men who ever wrote a book or scribbled letters.

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There was barely room to maneuver, and she found herself standing on her tiptoes to keep track of Evelyn, who had no trouble with the people around her parting the seas for her.

Heart hammering, Lana rose to her tiptoes and gave him a light kiss on the lips.

Katie stood on her tiptoes and looked up, taking one last look at the blue sky before she held her breath and ducked beneath the water.

He teased and nipped, his kiss deep enough to rob her of any resistance yet light enough that she raised onto her tiptoes to taste more of him.

She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him lightly then turned to Jessi and took the mug.

She rolled her eyes at the vague answer then stretched up on her tiptoes to wrap the chain around his neck.

She rose to her tiptoes to kiss him, not as she had anyone else, but as she did her mate: with hunger she'd never let herself feel before.