Sentence Examples with the word Tipping

The hopper is carried on two knife - edges, one on each side, and is prevented from tipping over fore and aft by a pair of parallel motion bars on each side.

Just then the buggy tipped slowly over upon its side, the body of the horse tipping also.

Unable to enter his mind without tipping him off, Xander shifted forward.

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A'Ran responded by tipping his chin, and Jetr's attention returned to Opal, who had been speaking too long already.

The discharge at the weir whilst it is raised is effected either by partially tipping some of the shutters by chains from a foot-bridge, or by opening butterfly valves resembling small shutters in the upper panels of the shutters.

Giddon was obviously watching her, so calling on her telephone might be tipping her hand.

But the third Emir, now seeing himself all alone on the quarter-deck, seems to feel relieved from some curious restraint; for, tipping all sorts of knowing winks in all sorts of directions, and kicking off his shoes, he strikes into a sharp but noiseless squall of a hornpipe right over the Grand Turk's head; and then, by a dexterous sleight, pitching his cap up into the mizentop for a shelf, he goes down rollicking so far at least as he remains visible from the deck, reversing all other processions, by bringing up the rear with music.