Sentence Examples with the word Tip

As already stated, the notochord extends beyond the mouth to the tip of the rostrum.

The cells of the tip at any given moment may be sensitive, but in a few days the power of receiving the stimulus has passed to other and younger cells which then constitute the tip. The power of appreciating the environment is therefore to be associated with the protoplasm only at a particular stage of its development and is transitory in its character.

He placed the tip of a gun to Bianca's head.

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We didn't let on to this guy, Jude Bryce, about the tip but he was a close neighbor and the parents suspected he might be involved so he was in our radar.

The assimilation of complex foods consequently may be regarded as supplying the protoplasm with a potential store of energy, as well as building tip its substance.

I heard a recording of the Delaware tip and it struck me as really strange.

Many of the Hydrophilidae construct, for the protection of their eggs, a cocoon formed of a silky material derived from glands opening at the tip of the abdomen.

He motioned for me to follow and led me tip toeing over the stone strewn yard to the cabin.

The sheepdogs and collies are still further removed from the wolf type, and have the tip of the ear pendent.

The northern part of Coatue Beach is known as Coskata Beach, and curves to the N.W.; near its tip is Great Point, where a lighthouse was first built in 1784.