Sentence Examples with the word Tin

Whence the Egyptians and a little later on the Babylonians got their tin for the alloy we do not yet know.

When heated with ammonia it yields ethylamine nitrate, and when reduced with tin and hydrochloric acid it forms hydroxylamine (W.

GERMANIUM (symbol Ge, atomic weight 72.5); one of the metallic elements included in the same natural family as carbon, silicon, tin and lead.

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Sow stocks, dahlias and a few tender and half-hardy annuals, on a slight hotbed, or tin pots.

Silks, wood-carvings, silver and jade ornaments, tin and copper wares, fruits and tobacco are the chief articles of the local trade.

Deep, and of the furnaces where they melted copper, tin and gold, are very numerous; their weapons of a hard bronze, their pots (one of which weighs 75 ib), and their melted and polished bronze and golden decorations testify to a high development of artistic feeling and industrial skill, strangely contrasting with the low level reached by their earthenware.

Titanic oxide separates out as a white hydrate, which, however, is generally contaminated with ferric hydrate and often with tin oxide.

She closed the tin and handed it back to him.

Next to aluminium, tin was found to be the most effective of the metals enumerated above.

It is usually found in association with tin and other minerals.