Sentence Examples with the word Timothy

He graduated at Yale College in 1807, studied theology under Timothy Dwight, anfl in 1812 became pastor of the First Church of New Haven.

The first owed its origin to Jonathan Edwards (the elder) and was carried on by Samuel Hopkins (17 2 I-1803), Joseph Bellamy (1719-1790), Nathaniel Emmons (1745-1840), Jonathan Edwards (the younger) and Timothy Dwight (1752-1817).

Finally, the contention that no visit of Timothy to Rome is known is an argument from silence which is of little more weight than the plea of Spitta that the cupidity of Felix (Acts xxiv.

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The whole Hellenistic culture of the epistle (let alone its language), and the personal references in it, notably that to Timothy in xiii.

In many cases the most valuable material on various periods is indicated under the biographies (or autobiographies in some cases) of the public men named in the above article, to which add Timothy Pickering, George Cabot, Joseph Warren, Elbridge Gerry, Benjamin F.

The Monophysite Timothy of Alexandria (A.D.

More significant still is the way in which the foremost Chinese officials have turned to missionaries like Timothy Richard and Griffith John for assistance in guiding the new impulse.

Most are teen agers and probably runaways, but I'm sure many are cases like Timothy and that girl from Cranston they mentioned.

Hoffman founded at New York the Knickerbocker (1833-1860), which soon passed under the control of Timothy Flint and became extremely successful, most of the leading native writers of the next twenty years having been contributors.

The hay crop of 1899 was grown on 1,095,706 acres and amounted to 1,617,905 tons, but nearly one-half of this was made from wild grasses; since then the amounts of fodder obtained from alfalfa, Kafir corn, sorghum cane and timothy have much increased, and that obtained from wild grasses has decreased; in 1909 the acreage was 900,000 and the crop 810,000 tons.