Sentence Examples with the word Tim

Even if he didn't put the same price tag on something material, he didn't begrudge Tim for being the way he was.

What Tim didn't think of, Jim did.

He had too much respect for her and Tim to make her a mistress when he almost felt compelled to make her something more.

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Alerted to her passage through the perimeter by the microchip implant in her brain, Mr. Tim intercepted her before she reached the command and control hub.

He was often accompanied by 'Ayaq Tim (good fortune), and in this aspect may be compared with the Roman Bonus Eventus (Pliny, Nat Hist.

And yet, Tim said nothing of Angel except to take care of her.

Mr. Tim uttered a choked curse.

As an influential Undersecretary in the fed command and control structure, Tim had access to all kinds of information that helped Brady's chances of survival.

He doubted Tim would appreciate him making moves on her.

There were messages from Mr. Tim mixed in with messages from General Greene.