Sentence Examples with the word Till

It was not till 1880 that he assumed the name of Pitt-Rivers, on inheriting the Dorsetshire and Wiltshire estates of his great-uncle, the second Lord Rivers.

Considering his long life and reputation Aurispa produced little: Latin translations of the commentary of Hierocles on the golden verses of Pythagoras (1474) and of Philisci Consolatoria ad Ciceronem from Dio Cassius (not published till 1510); and, according to Gesner, a translation of the works of Archimedes.

It was not till the 5th century, however, that objections of this kind became frequent.

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This company, which was not actually floated till 1887, was destined to exercise a disastrous influence upon the fortunes of the state.

Calais was a petty fishing-village, with a natural harbour at the mouth of a stream, till the end of the 10th century.

The next census was deferred till 1904, in consequence of the disorganization produced by the Boer war.

After holding pastorates at Burton-on-Trent (1856-1861), Surbiton (1862-1870), Leicester (1870-1876), he finally accepted the pastorate of the Congregational Church at Bowdon, Cheshire, in 1877, in which he remained till his death.

The administration of Seor Maura, which lasted till the 21st of October 1900.

On the other hand, the Covenanting spirit rose higher and higher among the persecuted till the armed risings.

It is not, however, till the 8th century that prophecy attained its highest level as the interpreter of God's ways to men.