Sentence Examples with the word Tilden

Tilden during the contest for the presidency between Tilden and Hayes (see Electoral CoMMissioN).

In spite of his activity at the bar, Tilden maintained an interest in politics, serving in the State Assembly in 1846 and in the state constitutional conventions of 1846 and 1867.

SAMUEL JONES TILDEN (1814-1886), American statesman, was born at New Lebanon, New York, on the 9th of February 1814.

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Blaine, and later was one of those who directed the policy of the Republicans in the struggle for the presidency between Tilden and Hayes.

In the national election of 1876 there were double returns (Republican: 75,315 for Hayes and 70,508 for Tilden; and Democratic: 83,723 for Tilden and 77,174 for Hayes) from Louisiana, which, as was the case with the double electoral returns from Florida, Oregon and South Carolina, were adjudicated by the Electoral Commission in favour of the Republican electors voting for Hayes.