Sentence Examples with the word Tighter

The more questions he asks, the tighter their lips.

But the French officer was evidently more inclined to think he had been taken prisoner because Pierre's strong hand, impelled by instinctive fear, squeezed his throat ever tighter and tighter.

The man approaching her had nearly reached her, and she huddled into a tighter ball.

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It used to be closed tighter than a kiddie cap on a pill bottle.

The metal was cold against her warm skin, and she pulled her scarf on tighter once the necklace was where it belonged.

The girl giggled, clinging tighter to his arm.

This bike trip was going to stretch things tighter than his pre-training belt.

They had nothing to eat themselves, and they were wiser than to think that apologies could supply the place of food to their guests; so they drew their belts tighter and said nothing about it.