Sentence Examples with the word Tightened

His grip tightened around her, but he didn.t bite her.

Her chest tightened at his words, but she nodded.

He reached under the horse and tightened the cinch, which finally brought Diablo to attention.

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A'Ran's grip tightened before falling from her.

Taran's jaw tightened as he took in the right side of her face, which blazed red as if struck.

Dean said through gritted teeth, his hands beginning to ache against the strain of the tightened rope.

She tightened her grip on the wheel, assuming he spoke to Damian.

A collar is provided, which when tightened on the vertical axis, otherwise free to move, holds it rigidly in position with respect to the plate PP. To this collar is attached a slow-motion screw, working against a reaction spring, by which the plate rr can be rotated through a small arc. The upper plate carrying two, three .or four verniers vv is attached to a vertical coned pillar passing through the centre of the larger pillar and rotating in it; this plate can be clamped to the lower plate by means of the screw C, and can be rotated with respect to it by the slow-motion screw d.

The special cable T is now tightened again, and lifts the bottom of the bucket so as both to close it and to close the space between J and K, by allowing J to rise back to its initial place.

She watched as he meticulously saddled Ed and tightened the cinch.