Sentence Examples with the word Ticked

The clock ticked loudly, and Tommy Jones, who was standing up for the fourth time, began to feel very uneasy.

Seconds literally ticked away on the old grandfather clock in the next room.

Gabriel's jaw ticked as held her gaze for a long moment.

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The clock ticked away the minutes and she finally sat up and squinted at it - four-thirty.

He ticked off the items he had learned about Jeffrey Byrne during the course of the day, as much for his own review as to answer Fred's rapid-fire questions.

The clock ticked thirty long seconds away and then the silence was ripped by a ferocious growl.

Dean felt cheated, doubly so because yesterday, a comp day off, it had rained as if St. Swithin was ticked off at the world, denying him the pleasure of biking the Pennsylvania countryside.

They were mostly looking for you, and kinda ticked when you weren't here.

The seconds ticked as they braced for the worse.

Instead of keeping a catalogue of the species contained in the herbarium, which, owing to the constant additions, would be almost impossible, such species are usually ticked off with a pencil in the systematic work which is followed in arranging them, so that by reference to this work it is possible to see at a glance whether the specimen sought is in the herbarium and what species are still wanted.