Sentence Examples with the word Throw in

The Free Staters were practically bound, under the offensive and defensive alliance, in case hostilities arose with Great Britain, either to denounce the policy to which they had so unwisely been secretly party, or to throw in their lot with the Transvaal.

Marcellus had recourse to a blockade, but Carthaginian vessels from time to time contrived to throw in supplies.

In this idea he had the support of more than one of his corps commanders, but Cadorna thought, and it is difficult to meet his reasoning, that he could not throw in the forces necessary for such an attack when he was uncertain as to the direction of the forthcoming blow.

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The emigres then began to throw in their lot with the Vendeans.

Anticipating the order of chronology slightly, it may be mentioned here that in 1873 Prince Edward Island (q.v.), which had in 1865 decisively rejected proposals of the Quebec conference and had in the following year repeated its rejection of federation by a resolution of the legislature affirming that no terms Canada could offer would be acceptable, now decided to throw in its lot with the Dominion.

The invasion of Syria by Mehemet Ali in 1831 caused Beshir to desert Abdallah and throw in his lot with Ibrahim Pasha; but he was not cordially followed by the Druses in general, and had good excuse for revolt in 1839, and intrigue with the British admiral in 1840.

Orange however did not despair, and resolved to throw in his lot for good and all with the rebel province of the north.

Manitoba was the first to be constituted; in 1871 British Columbia, New which had hitherto held aloof, determined, under the persuasion of a sympathetic governor, Mr (later Sir) Antony Musgrave, to throw in its lot with the Dominion.