Sentence Examples with the word Throughout

In Lutheran churches the organ is silent on this day, and altar, font and pulpit are draped in black, as indeed throughout Holy Week.

Henry was too young to have carried away any abiding impressions, yet throughout his life his character, dress and bearing were far more Spanish than French.

Miss Sullivan, whose ability as a teacher must be considered almost as marvellous as the talent of her pupil, was throughout her devoted companion.

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Into order, when Henry was called abroad by a rebellion raised in Anjou by his brother Geoffreythe first of the innumerable dynastic troubles abroad which continued throughout his reign to distract his attention from his duties as an English king.

Under the later empire agriculture sank into a condition of neglect, in which it remained throughout the Dark Ages.

He strongly opposed secession, but finally voted for the Virginia ordinance, was commissioned brigadier-general in the Confederate army and served throughout the war.

One of the features which is prominent throughout the return is that in every country except Belgium the rate per mille attained a maximum in the early seventies, and has since shown a descending tendency, notwithstanding the fact, noted in the preceding paragraph, that the youthful population, which, of course, weighs down the rate, has also been relatively decreasing.

It is noteworthy that the word av6.9E1.ta had fallen into disuse about the beginning of the 4th century, and that, throughout the same period, no instance of the judicial use of the phrase rapaSovvat T(i) larava can be found.

The administration of the postal service throughout the empire was taken over by the state, and municipal officials were relieved from the burden of maintaining the imperial posts.

His theory of the universe is that, from God there emanated Light which extends throughout space and is the explanation of all development.