Sentence Examples with the word Throat

Then I started letting the noise come out of my throat with my breath.

He threw his head back and roared with fury and pain until his throat was raw.

Her stomach twisted into a knot and her throat constricted.

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Another feature by which this species differs from the American deer is the conformation of the bones of the lower part of the fore-leg, which have the same structure as in the red deer group. The coat is of moderate length, but the hair on the neck and throat of the old stags is elongated to form a mane and fringe.

Carmen's throat constricted and unshed tears stung her eyes.

Jade.s words stuck in his throat at the sight of Kris.s beautiful emerald eyes.

The sense of loss from her dream returned, and she was embarrassed to feel her throat tightening.

The species are smaller in size, and nearly all are banded on the belly, which is generally yellow, with black and scarlet, while except in two the throat of the males at least is black.

I shall slit the throat of the lying bitch Elizabeth and watch her drown in her own blood.

Yully cleared her throat and nodded, her face hot.