Sentence Examples with the word Thor

Odin's wife was Frigg; their sons were Thor (the thunder-god) and Balder, whose myth is well known in English poetry.

A space apparently partitioned off contained figures of Thor or Frey and perhaps other gods, together with an altar on which burned a perpetual fire.

A day was to come when Odin and Thor would fall in conflict with the wolf and the world-serpent, when the abode of the gods would be destroyed by fire and the earth sink into the sea.

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Indeed, such may very well have been the case with Frey, the chief god of the North after Thor and Odin.

Among these were Odin (Woden), Thor (Thunor) and Tyr (Ti); so also Frigg (Frig), the wife of Odin (see Frigg, Odin, Woden, Thor, Tyr).

Frigg is his wife, and several of the gods, including Thor and Balder, are his sons.

A variety of figures and conventional signs were drawn in the several compartments: the sun, for instance, is frequently represented by a square and a stroke from each corner, Thor by two hammers placed crosswise; and in the more modern specimens symbols for Christ, the Virgin, and the Holy Ghost are introduced.