Sentence Examples with the word Thomas

Munificent gifts have from time to time assisted in the extension of its scope, as for example that of Sir Thomas Elder (d.

JAMES MARTINEAU (1805-1900), English philosopher and divine, was born at Norwich on the 21st of April 1805, the seventh child of Thomas Martineau and Elizabeth Rankin, the sixth, his senior by almost three years, being his sister Harriet (see above).

State Governors Charles Robinson Republican Thomas Carney Samuel J.

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He was later promoted to be royal falconer and is said to have afterwards become a servant in the household of Sir Thomas Lovell.

From Brussels, where in spite of the great efforts of the English merchants and the appeal of Thomas Cromwell to Archbishop Carandolet, president of the council, and to the governor of the castle, he was tried for heresy and condemned.

This was the lesson that Thomas Hood left behind him.

In 1485 Henry, earl of Richmond, disembarked here on his return from France, and was welcomed on landing by Sir Rhys ap Thomas and much of the chivalry of Wales.

The foundation of the church of St Thomas of Canterbury is attributed to the foresters of the royal forest or frith of the Peak early in the 13th century; and from this the town took name.

As showing what could be achieved by, and what Hobbes limitations beset, even a critical spirit in the 17th century, the survey of the origin of the Old Testament given by one such individual - Thomas Hobbes in his Leviathan' (published 1651) c. xxxiii.

John Patten, the master of an English merchant ship, and part of his crew lived on Tristan from August 1790 to April 1791, during which time they captured 5600 seals; but the first permanent inhabitant was one Thomas Currie, who landed on the island in 1810.