Sentence Examples with the word Third position

V (3) In the third position the test rod is placed vertically with one of its poles at the level of the magnetometer needle, and in the line 7.

His third position is his actualistic theory of soul, which he shares with Fichte, Hegel, Fechner and Paulsen.

The first Turkish position was broken through in one place, but progress was arrested by flanking machine-gun fire and counterstrokes, and everywhere the Turks held their third position firmly.

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Pumpkin Green was quick to fall from his third position on Billy Langstrom's team, but the two remaining participants held their ground to the cacophonous approval of the throng until they, too, were blasted to the ground.

This third position isarelic of ancient metaphysical realism; although it must be remembered that Kant does not go to the length of Descartes and Locke, who supposed that from mere ideas we could know bodies and souls, but suggests that beneath the phenomena of outer and inner sense the thing in itself may not be heterogeneous (ungleichartig).