Sentence Examples with the word Thessalonica

Durazzo was captured (11th June 1185) and in August Thessalonica surrendered to the joint attack of the Sicilian fleet and army.

In 1185 the Normans of Sicily took Thessalonica after a ten days' siege, and perpetrated endless barbarities, of which Eustathius, then bishop of the see, has left an account.

Juvenal of Jerusalem and Flavian of Thessalonica were some days late.

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Paul, lxiii-lxxv), find different editions in the canonical epistle, one meant for Thessalonica (i.-xiv.

In 1204 Baldwin, conqueror of Constantinople, conferred the kingdom of Thessalonica on Boniface, marquis of Montferrat; but in 1222 Theodore, despot of Epirus, one of the natural enemies of the new kingdom, took the city and had himself there crowned by the patriarch of Macedonian Bulgaria.

The origin of the ciborium is not certain, but it is represented in a mosaic at Thessalonica of a date not later than A.D.

The attacks of the Sla y s and Avars upon Thessalonica were heroically repulsed by the inhabitants.

He was interned at Thessalonica and executed in the following year on a charge of treasonable correspondence with the barbarians.

This Theodosius was sternly rebuked by Ambrose for the massacre of 7000 persons at Thessalonica in 390, and was bidden imitate David in his repentance as he had imitated him in guilt.