Sentence Examples with the word Theses

The original texts, of theses discussed in the schools, and of systematic expositions of Cartesian philosophy for the benefit of the student.

Luther was laid to rest in the Castle church on whose door he had nailed the theses which had kindled the great conflagration.

With more eloquence than judgment, he propounded theses bringing into relief the points in which the new doctrines clashed with the old.

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Luisa Sigea was both an orientalist and a Latin poetess, while Publia Hortensia de Castro, after a course of humanities, philosophy and theology, defended theses at Evora in her eighteenth year.

Oecolampadius welcomed him to Basel, where in 1524 he put forth thirteen theses sharply antagonizing Roman doctrine.

In his hastily drafted Ninety-five Theses he sought to limit the potency of indulgences, and so indirectly raised the question as to the power of the pope.

Yet in 1675 the university of Angers was empowered to repress all Cartesian teaching within its domain, and actually appointed a commission charged to look for such heresies in the theses and the students' note-books of the college of Anjou belonging to the Oratory.

In his theses as well as in his early writings - such as De la subrogation Keene, La Bonorum possessio, and Sur la duree des effets de la minorite (1870) - he endeavoured to explain the problems of laws by means of history, an idea which was new to France at that time.

It must not be assumed that Luther's ninety-five theses produced any considerable direct results.

In 1550 he met Sepulveda in public debate on the theses drawn from the recently published Apologia pro libro de justis belli causis, in which the latter had maintained the lawfulness of waging unprovoked war upon the natives of the New World.