Sentence Examples with the word Thermometer

Carmen grabbed the thermometer from the counter and gave it to him.

At this height, with the thermometer marking 9 degrees below freezing, he remained for a considerable time, making observations not only on magnetism, but also on the temperature and humidity of the air, and collecting several samples of air at different heights.

Flows through the spiral coolers N and M, and finally through the box H, where it is well mixed before passing the outflow thermometer P. As soon as a steady state is reached, the difference of temperature between the outflow and inflow thermometers, multiplied by the current of water in grammes per minute gives the heat per minute supplied by combustion.

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With Regard To The Scale Of Temperature, There Is Very General Agreement That The Absolute Scale As Realized By The Hydrogen Or Helium Thermometer Should Be Adopted As The Ultimate Standard Of Reference.

But when solidification commences, the thermometer will cease to fall, it may even rise slightly, and the temperature will remain almost constant for a short time.

The thermometer is placed so that the bulb is near the neck of the retort or the side tube of the distilling flask.

Means of measuring the focal point were provided; symmetrical motion was given to the slides; scales on each slide were provided instead of screws for measuring the separation of the segments, and both scales were read by the same micrometer microscope; a metallic thermometer was added to determine the temperature of the scales.

The Conditions Of Use Of A Mercury Thermometer In A Calorimetric Experiment Are Necessarily Different From ' Those Under Which Its Corrections Are Determined, And This Difference Must Inevitably Give Rise To Constant Errors In Practical Work.

Be provided with a tubulure, or opening, which permits the charging of the retort, and also the insertion of a thermometer b.

The Electrical Resistance Thermometer Of Platinum Presents Very Great Advantages For This Purpose Over The Mercury Thermometer In Point Of Reproducibility, Accuracy And Adaptability To The Practical Conditions Of Experiment.