Sentence Examples with the word Theologie

See Francis Meunier, Essai sur la vie et les ouvrages de Nicole Oresme (Paris, 1857); Feret, La Faculte de theologie de 1' Universite de Paris (Paris, 1896, t.

See C. Krumbacher, Geschichte der byzantinischen Litteratur (1897), and article in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyklopddie fur protestantische Theologie (1901).

Kaiser's Biblische Theologie for Bengel's Archiv fier Theologie (ii.

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Bender, Schleiermachers Theologie mit ihren philosophischen Grundlagen (1876-1878); O.

Among his numerous works are Die Christologie des Neuen Testaments (1866), Der Altkatholicismus (three editions, 1882-1883), Leben Jesu (2 vols., 1885; 3rd ed., 1893), Neutestamentliche Theologie (2 vols., 1891-1892; 2nd ed., 1896), Christenlehre auf Grund des kleinen loth.

Meanwhile he had gained a high reputation as a preacher, and especially as the advocate of religious freedom; but his teaching became more and more offensive to the orthodox party, and on the appearance (1864) of his article on Renan's Vie de Jesus in the Nouvelle Revue de theologie he was forbidden by the Paris consistory to continue his ministerial functions.

Kirkpatrick, Doctrine of the Prophets (3rd ed., 1901); Beruk Duhm, Die Theologie der Propheten (1875).

Studt published his autobiography in 1891 (2 vols.); see also C. Schwartz, Neueste Theologie (1869); Lichtenberger, Hist.

C. 2907-2910 (1902); Marti, Dodekapropheton (1904); Stade, Biblische Theologie des Alten Test.

On the place of Haggai in the history of Old Testament prophecy, see Duhm, Theologie der Propheten (Bonn, 18 75); A.