Sentence Examples with the word Theodor

GUSTAV THEODOR FECHNER (1801-1887), German experimental psychologist, was born on the 19th of April 1801 at Gross-Sarchen, near Muskau, in Lower Lusatia, where his father was pastor.

A large number of the more recent Utopias have been inspired by socialistic or communistic ideals; among these may be mentioned Freiland, ein soziales Zukunftsbild (1890) and Reise nach Freiland (1893), by the Austrian political economist Theodor Hertzka (b.

The newer forms are based upon the principle, first enunciated by Professor Theodor Schwann in 1854, of carrying compressed oxygen instead of air, and returning the products of respiration through a regenerator containing absorptive media for carbonic acid and water, the purified current being returned to the mouth with an addition of fresh oxygen.

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In that year he matriculated at the university, and took lessons in composition from Theodor Weinlig, cantor at the Thomasschule.

Hirschfeld, Gedeichtnisrede auf Theodor Mommsen (1904).

Documents relating to Great Britain (Oxford, 1869); the latest edition is that by Theodor Mommsen in Monum.

Lang, 2 vols., 1879); Theodor Schiemann, Russland, Polen and Livland bis im xvii.

Professor Theodor Waitz, in his Introduction to Anthropology, adduced many examples of the comparatively rapid constitutional adaptation of man to new climatic conditions.

Wallace, Geographical Distribution of Animals (New York, 1876); Theodor Wolf, Ein Besuch der Galapagos Inseln (Heidelberg, 1879); and paper in Geographical Journal, vi.

The work of Theodor Schwann (1810-1882), Johannes Muller (1809-1875), Rudolph Virchow and Karl Ludwig (1816-1895) in Germany, of R.