Sentence Examples with the word Thecal

The former might be placed with Diploporita, were it not for a greater intimacy of correlation between ambulacral and thecal structures than is found in Cystidea as here defined.

The generative organs arid coelom probably did not send extensions along the rays into the brachioles; but apparently nerves from the aboral centre, after passing through the thecal plates, met in a circumoral ring, from which branches passed into the plate under each main food-groove, and thence supplied the brachioles.

In some forms at least, pores between (not through) the ambulacral elements, or between them and the thecal plates, seem to have permitted the passage of extensions from the perradial water-vessels.

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These either are close to the mouth or are removed from it upon a series of ambulacral or subambulacral plates not derived immediately from thecal plates, or are separated from the oral centre by hypothecal passages passing beneath tegminal plates.

Are extended over the thecal plates themselves without intermediate flooring; they are also prolonged on exothecal brachioles, which line the epithecal grooves.

Beneath each food-groove was a radial water-vessel and probably a nerve and blood-vessel, all which structures passed either between certain regularly arranged thecal plates, or along a furrow floored by those plates, which were then in two alternating series.

Some of the thecal plates, infrabasals I B, basals B, and orals 0 are forming around the bodycavities r.pc and l.pc; p is the water-pore.

At the same time the thecal plates degenerated into spicules.