Sentence Examples with the word The phone

Realizing she clenched the phone in her hand, she locked the screen and sat staring at the asphalt.

As proud as she was of Jonathan, it was Alex who stayed on her mind for a long time after the phone call.

The voice on the phone was almost hysterical.

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When he finished eating, he called the Indiana number, letting the phone ring a dozen times.

Didn't think deities took orders from half-breeds, Tamer said, shoving the phone back in his pocket.

Cynthia accepted the news well, first on the phone amid post wedding hubbub, and the next day when he met her stepping off the plane.

While Martha was on the phone trying to get our air conditioning system checked, I had a few moments alone with my wife.

I couldn't find nothing on Josh without a last name, but Ed Plotke was in the phone book for six years between 1956 and 1962.

Betsy spoke to Martha on the phone after dinner while Molly and I walked Bumpus.

When Dean replaced the phone and glanced up, the tall figure of Jonathan Winston was standing next to his desk, smiling down and, as usual, impeccably dressed.