Sentence Examples with the word The jerk

In sleep the jerk is diminished, in deep sleep quite abolished.

She responds quickly to the gentle pressure of affection, the pat of approval, the jerk of impatience, the firm motion of command, and to the many other variations of the almost infinite language of the feelings; and she has become so expert in interpreting this unconscious language of the emotions that she is often able to divine our very thoughts.

I hope the jerk isn't doing something stupid.

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Neither did I. The jerk managed to do that himself.

Hence a favourable posture of the limb for eliciting the jerk is one ensuring relaxation of the hamstring muscles, as when the leg has been crossed upon the other.

I did tell her what's needed to begin the process of getting the jerk declared dead.

Stretching of the muscles antagonistic to the extensors - namely, of the flexor muscles - reduces the jerk by inhibiting the extensor spinal nerve cells through the nervous impulses generated by the tense flexor muscles.

Ziehen has noted exaltation of the jerk to follow extirpation of a cortical centre.

Look, if she did go and do something rash, we both know the jerk deserved it.