Sentence Examples with the word The Wagon

Pretending she didn't see him, she tried to scramble quickly into the wagon so that he wouldn't have an excuse to touch her.

The pace increased until a horse leaped over the wagon tongue and into the circle.

He eyed the space beside her on the wagon seat suspiciously.

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He watched her for a few minutes while she crawled under the wagon and pulled her blanket around her shoulders, and then he walked away.

Vara would do as he asked and saw the ends off the poison-tipped arrows, claim she'd fallen ill, and hide her body in the wagon until it was time to act.

Pete threw his feet over the wagon seat and dropped to the ground.

On the narrow Augesd Dam where for so many years the old miller had been accustomed to sit in his tasseled cap peacefully angling, while his grandson, with shirt sleeves rolled up, handled the floundering silvery fish in the watering can, on that dam over which for so many years Moravians in shaggy caps and blue jackets had peacefully driven their two-horse carts loaded with wheat and had returned dusty with flour whitening their carts--on that narrow dam amid the wagons and the cannon, under the horses' hoofs and between the wagon wheels, men disfigured by fear of death now crowded together, crushing one another, dying, stepping over the dying and killing one another, only to move on a few steps and be killed themselves in the same way.

If one wagon got stuck, the rest would have to stop while one of the other teams was unhitched and added to pull the wagon out.

He shrugged and offered her a hand up to the wagon seat.

He bought some battery powered lights to hang on the wagon and Gerald helped him pile hay on the wagon.