Sentence Examples with the word The University

In this year, Reid succeeded Adam Smith as professor of moral philosophy in the university of Glasgow.

They founded the monastery of Sord as a civilizing centre, and after giving Absalon the rudiments of a sound education at home, which included not only book-lore but every manly and martial exercise, they sent him to the university of Paris.

South-west of these buildings, on the other side of the Johannisthal Park, are clustered the medical institutes and hospitals of the university - the infirmary, clinical and other hospitals, the physico-chemical institute, pathological institute, physiological institute, ophthalmic hospital, pharmacological institute, the schools of anatomy, the chemical laboratory, the zoological institute, the physicomineralogical institute, the botanical garden and also the veterinary schools, deaf and dumb asylum, agricultural college and astronomical observatory.

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Two hundred and fifty schools are accredited by the university of Michigan.

He was the first editor of the university official Gazette (1870), and of the Student's Handbook to the University.

So long as the centre of the Islamic world was not in Egypt, the best talent was attracted elsewhere; but after the fall of Bagdad, Cairo became the chief seat of Islamic learning, and this rank, chiefly owing to the university of Azhar, it has ever since continued to maintain.

Late in life, in 1518, he began the study of jurisprudence at the university of Basel, and in 1519 took the degree of doctor juris.

I hereby absolve Gonville and Caius College, the University of Cambridge and the system's administrators from all responsibility.

Besides the University Library, there are a Public Library (1887), containing about 80,000 vols., the library of the Young Men's Institute (1826) and the collection of the New Haven Colony Historical Society.

On the 11th of May 1820 he took his doctor's degree; in the same year he qualified as Privatdozent at the university of Erlangen.