Sentence Examples with the word The Sting

As usual, that thought brought the sting of tears to her eyes.

She floundered to a sitting position, then her feet, cringing as she struggled upright, the sting in her wounded knees bringing tears to her eyes.

Who for our salvation descended from heaven, was conceived of the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered by suffering under Pontius Pilate, under Herod the King, crucified, buried, descended into hell, trod down the sting of death, rose again the third day, appeared to the apostles.

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They never use the sting when (as frequently happens) they attack another scorpion, because, as was ascertained by A.

Bourne (24), the poison exuded by the sting has no injurious effect on another scorpion nor on the scorpion itself.

The poison of the sting is similar to snake-poison (Calmette), and rapidly paralyses animals which are not immune to it.

Two insertions of the sting are effected and the fly is instantly paralysed by the poison so introduced into its body.

Fortunately the majority are of small size, and their bites are not followed by more severe effects than those from the sting of a hornet.

As in Syria, watered by the Orontes, an image, the lower remedy part of which was a scorpion, cured the sting of against scorpions and freed the city from snakes.

But there are several subfamilies of ants whose females have the lancets of the sting useless for piercing, although the poison-glands are functional, their secretion being ejected by the insect, when occasion may arise, from the greatly enlarged reservoir, the reduced sting acting as a squirt.