Sentence Examples with the word The Smooth

The acoustic quality of a room may be improved by breaking up the smooth surfaces by curtains or by arrangement of furniture.

As she descended the long stairway again, her palm caressed the smooth dark wood of the banisters.

Force kills argument and drives doubt below the smooth surface of a nominal conformity.

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John Canton (1718-1772) made the important contribution to knowledge that electricity of either sign could be produced on nearly any body by friction with appropriate substances, and that a rod of glass roughened on one half was excited negatively in the rough part and positively in the smooth part by friction with the same rubber.

But I'm glad you're back, was the smooth reply.

She'd run her hands over his perfect body, marveling at the smooth skin stretched over solid muscle.

Megan gingerly accepted the tool, gripping the smooth wooden handle with both hands.

When he had joined the Freemasons he had experienced the feeling of one who confidently steps onto the smooth surface of a bog.

A large dimple formed in the upper part of his right cheek, lending character to the smooth features.

An objection to this form of block is the great length of the endless chain, which may drag on the ground and pick up dirt and grit, and thereby interfere with the smooth working of the mechanism.