Sentence Examples with the word The Security

But Cambon soon came to the conclusion that the security of France depended upon the triumph of the Mountain, and he did not hesitate to accord his active cooperation to the second committee.

For a few minutes she lay still, basking in the security of his presence.

He did something for the maintenance of peace and the security of traders, gave corporate privileges to villages, and took the Jews under his protection.

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Other prominent buildings are the Masonic Temple, the Chamber of Commerce, the Lumber Exchange, the Bank of Commerce, the Auditorium; the buildings of the Metropolitan Life (formerly the Guaranty), the Security Bank, the Northwestern National Bank, the First National Bank, the Andrus, the New York Life, and the Young Men's Christian Association; Hotel Radisson and West Hotel.

As a soldier Tarnowski invented a new system of tactics which greatly increased the mobility and the security of the armed camps within which the Poles had so often to encounter the Tatars.

While it was feasible, Quinn's equipment was cumbersome and there were the ever present problem of absolute quiet, not to mention the security issue.

I'd be less than honest if I said the security Josh can offer wasn't tempting - that and the idea of having an instant family.

He drew up James's declaration, but the assurances he had inserted concerning the security of the Church of England were cancelled by the priests.

Years had healed the breach between him and the Medicean family; and on the occasion of the Pazzi conspiracy against the life of Lorenzo de' Medici, he had sent violent letters of abuse to his papal patron Sixtus, denouncing his participation in a plot so dangerous to the security of Italy.

We are grateful for the assistance that the members of the Security Council have given us.