Sentence Examples with the word The Portal

He leapt through the portal before it closed in time to see which one Jade chose.

Traveling to the portal between worlds, the guardsman took one last look around then dropped through the gateway to the immortal world.

Larry sat before a Mac, pictures of the portal on the computer screen before him.

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He gathered the tools of the trade, weapons for killing quickly this time, and stepped through the portal to the shadow world.

Mortal portals were like sunshine, the underworld the color of a storm cloud, and the portal to Hell blacker than Gabe's eyes.

He had no clue how and hoped the portal still worked for him.

Darkyn followed Jade as the madman hauled his two prisoners toward the portal to the shadow world.

When the portal opens, go with Czerno.

He sat back and stared at the portal listlessly, knowing the immortal world was no more.

Darian Traveled to the portal then leapt through it, pulling them with him.