Sentence Examples with the word The Police

He stood forward with a noble resolution to maintain the freedom of the press, and severely censured the rigorous measures of the police department.

If you ain't here, Corday and the police can't ask you questions you might not want to answer, like what's Cynthia's Indiana address.

In more than one state the police are employed as enumerators, but elsewhere, a staff has to be specially recruited for the purpose.

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This last conception lay beyond the horizon of Caesar, as of all ancient statesmen, but his first act on gaining control of Italy was to enfranchise the Transpadanes, whose claims he had consistently advocated, and in 45 B.C. he passed the Lex Julia Municipalis, an act of which considerable fragments are inscribed on two bronze tables found at Heraclea near Tarentum.3 This law deals inter alia with the police and the sanitary arrangements of the city of Rome, and hence it has been argued by Mommsen that it was Caesar's intention to reduce Rome to the level of a municipal town.

I explained to Howie as I dialed the police officer's number.

I bet that will be as popular with the police as internal affairs or stale donuts.

Her thoughts clearing, she realized she needed to call the police about the body she found.

In other countries the police system has been worked more arbitrarily; it has been used to check free speech, to interfere with the right of public meetings, and condemn the expression of opinion hostile to or critical of the ruling powers.

This ought to help the credibility issue; there's more to some tips than the police know, but haven't made public because it would enforce credence in a psychic connection for the tip.

In Boston, St Louis, Baltimore, and some few other cities, the police board (or commissioner) is appointed by the governor because police matters had been mismanaged by the municipal authorities and occasionally allowed to become a means of extortion and a door to corruption.