Sentence Examples with the word The Pest

As the supply of its favourite food plant is increased, conditions of life for the pest are improved, and it accordingly multiplies also, possibly becoming a serious hindrance to successful cultivation.

He also put down the maroons or runaway slaves who had long been the pest of the island.

At other times the pest is introduced, and under congenial conditions (and possibly in the absence of some other organism which keeps it in check in its native country) increases accordingly.

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He narrates how the few that had themselves escaped the pest transmitted the contagion to all they met.

Not only is the pest carried from place to place, but it also migrates, and in 1907 it crossed from Louisiana, where it first appeared in 1905, to Mississippi.

The time-honoured question of the filioque was still in the foreground when it seemed for several reasons advisable to transfer the council to Florence: Ferrara was threatened by condottieri, the pest was raging; Florence promised a welcome subvention, and a situation further inland would make it more difficult for uneasy Greek bishops to flee the synod.

It is worse than useless to apply drastic remedies if the main facts cf the, lifehistory of the pest are not known; e.g.