Sentence Examples with the word The Others

On the third day he was taken with the others to a house where a French general with a white mustache sat with two colonels and other Frenchmen with scarves on their arms.

Of these Nisyros alone is of volcanic origin; the others belong to the same limestone formation with the rocky headlands of the coast.

Friant's division disappeared as the others had done into the smoke of the battlefield.

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The others returned in a group, the climbers boisterously chatting, but any sign of camaraderie among the others was absent.

After a thick silence, she whispered, Explains why the Others want to drag me over there.

One of them, who followed his father's profession, made himself the champion of the others in disputing Leonardo's claim to his share, first in the paternal inheritance, and then in that which had been left to be divided between the brothers and sisters by an uncle.

West of the Nun all the estuaries up to the Forcados seem to be true mouths of the great river, while the Benin river, though linked to the others by transverse channels, may be more properly regarded as an independent stream.

A comparison Linguistic ever, occupied the greater part of lands both north and south of Panama; the others were encysted in the territory of the prevailing families, or concealed in cols-de-sac of the mountains.

When he returned to the main room, Harrigan had left to talk to a class of grade-school children, a job at which he excelled, much to the pleasure of the others who shunned playing Officer Friendly.

Lastly, the mitre, though a liturgical vestment, differs from the others in that it is never worn when the bishop addresses the Almighty in prayer - e.g.