Sentence Examples with the word The Oasis

GEOK-TEPE, a former fortress of the Turkomans, in Russian Transcaspia, in the oasis of Akhal-tekke, on the Transcaspian railway, 28 m.

A caravan road to the south goes through the oasis of Kurkur.

Thus the oasis of Janet, S.S.W.

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Adrar or Adgar is also the name sometimes given to the chief settlement in the oasis of Tuat in the Algerian Sahara.

The present inhabitants of the oasis are Turkomans of the Tekke tribe.

On the south the limit was undefined, but understood to be the margin of the desert, some distance north of the oasis of Augila (Aujila).

Early in 1848 he again returned to Arabia, avoiding the long desert journey by landing at Muwela, thence striking inland to Tebuk on the pilgrim road, and re-entering Shammar territory at the oasis of Tema, he again visited Hail; and after spending a month there travelled northwards to Kerbela and Bagdad.

The name of the oasis appears in hieroglyphics as and that of its capital as Hebi (the plough).

The population of the oasis is about 20,000, including some 150o Europeans.

Turkey claimed the oasis as part of the hinterland of Tripoli and garrisoned Bilma in 1902.