Sentence Examples with the word The Locker

She looked down and stepped away, trotting to the locker room.

Determined to enjoy her first relaxing experience in a few weeks, she watched to make sure the door closed behind him and went to the locker room.

She opened her eyes and found herself in the locker room at the Black God's lair.

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His view of her sweat pants in front of him were like a sack of footballs being dragged back to the locker room after a high school scrimmage.

His gaze swept over her body, lingering on her breasts, and she wished she'd stopped by the locker room to pull on a shirt instead of racing to get away from Darian.

She changed, left her folded clothing on the bench outside the locker, and slammed the locker closed.

He stalked to the locker room and returned a few minutes later, armed and dressed.

When she retreated to the locker room, her lip was puffy and her body achy already.

She adjusted her clothing and weapons then swept the backpack up and trotted to the locker room.

The soft curves on that tall slender body and those long legs were the talk of the locker room when he was a senior.