Sentence Examples with the word The Initials

The central medallion bears the initials of the founders, with the encircling inscription M.

Rabbi Solomon IzxAQ1 (son of Isaac), usually cited as Rashi from the initials of those words, was born at Troyes in 1040 and died in the same town in 1105.

Scholar, so called from the initials of his full name, RABBI SAMUEL BEN MEIR, was a leading member of the French school of Biblical exegesis.

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The earliest known wind-roses on the portulani or sailing charts of the Mediterranean pilots have almost invariably the eight principal points marked with the initials of the principal winds, Tramontano, Greco, Levante, Scirocco, Ostro, Africo (or Libeccio), Ponente and Maestro, or with a cross instead of L, to mark the east point.

The collar is formed of alternate black eagles and a circular medallion with the motto on a white centre surrounded by the initials F.R.

Have the initials and begin differently.

The doubled k of the Greek form is decisive against (I) the theory that the name Maccabee was made up of the initials of the opening words of Exod.

In an article completed in 1819 and printed (over the initials I.

The book is not strictly anonymous; the initials M.S.V.

The grand cross resembles the badge of the Black Eagle, but is white and the eagles in the corners red, the central medallion bearing the initials W.R.